We are offering bi-weekly art classes
for homeschoolers 9 - 14 years old.

Classes meet at Cinch Art Space every other Tuesday 1 - 3 pm unless otherwise noted.  Choose to attend the entire series, or sign up for individual sessions as your schedules and interests dictate.
Reservations are required and space is limited.

Tues February 6th 1 - 3pm
Lesser Flamingo Painting  Our  artists will learn more about  line, shape, repetition and mixing tints to make a realistic flamingo color!  They will also be learning details about the lesser flamingo including their habitat, diet and physical characteristics. If desired, they will be encouraged to share with the group why they've created the flamingo masterpiece they have based on what they've learned.
$20 per participant
Coming Soon!
Senufo Mud Cloths - line drawing cultural art project in tradition designs.

Our artists will l learn about the history of the SENUFO MUD CLOTHS in AFRICAN CULTURE and how to use them as an inspiration for their own artwork. They will learn about using thick and thin lines, space, contrast, repeat patterns in African art and learn to use a watercolor wash.
$20 per participant
Coming Soon!  Woven Kente Cloth -- African texture study (made from paper, not cloth, in tradition designs)
Our artists will learn about line and shape and design their own paper AFRICAN KENTE CLOTH using planned out patterns of repeated elements. They will learn the history of Kente Cloth and what each colors represent. They will learn about paper weaving, so they can create their own warp and weft threads from strips of paper. They will learn about color and contrast so they can select colors for their cloth that stand out from each other and create a sense of unity as a whole. If desired, they will be encouraged to share with the group why they've chosen the colors they have.

$20 per participant
Tues March 6th 1 - 3pm
Jane Goodall project we will be learning about  line, color, and texture and drawing monkeys. We will also learn about composition as we create collages. And of course we will  be learn about scientist and explorer Jane Goodall too!
$20 per participant

Come celebrate the Olympics and create your own medal winner! First you will learn about mixing colors and paint a creative and kooky winter background. Then you'll design and bring your own athlete to life. Create more than one and make your own Olympic Team!