When:  Friday, April 6th 5 pm - 8 pm
Cortland Corset Building at 75 East Court Street
  A completely Free clothing swap with wine & cheese potluck
You!  And your friends
  Bring the clothes you want to swap and a contribution to the snack table


1.  How does it work?
We all have things in our closets that, for whatever reason, we no longer wear.  A clothing swap is an opportunity to trade in these items for new-to-you clothes and accessories brought by other women in the community.

2.  Is there a charge? 
No.  This is a completely free event.  You will receive a voucher for each item you bring to the swap which you will drop into a box as 'payment' for the new things you take home.

3.  What sorts of things can I bring to swap? 

Any article of clothing or accessory that you would be proud to lend to a friend is appropriate for this swap.  Nothing that needs mending or cleaning, and no undergarments please.  Your swap items should be folded and wrinkle free when you bring them, and we ask that you refrain from bringing items with pet hair or smoke residue.

4.  How many items can I bring? 
Be discriminating when you go through candidates to bring to this swap.  Without setting a limit on numbers of items you can bring, we encourage people to keep their swap contribution to under 20 items.

5.  Will I be able to try things on? 
Absolutely.  We'll have dressing rooms and mirrors throughout the swap.

6.  What's this Wine & Cheese Potluck? 
Whatever you make it!  Bring a contribution to the snack table to share with fellow swappers.  We'll take care of plates, glasses, and cutlery.

7.  Can I bring my items early?
Yes.  We'll be accepting swap items from 10am on the day of the swap.  However, the swap does not begin until 5 pm -- No Early Shoppers, Please.

8. What happens to any leftover clothes?
Swappers are welcome to retrieve any of their unclaimed items at the end of the swap.  Any stragglers will be donated to the Rescue Mission in Cortland.

9.  I have a question you didn't answer!
We'd love to hear it.  Please call Cinch Art Space at 753-1304 or email us:  shop@cinchartspace.com